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We help you get jobs with people who treat and pay you fairly. We also help you grow your career so you can become a world-class expert in your field.

We help you

Get a job

in three easy steps. With no fees or commissions charged to you or your employers.

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in just a few minutes. Use it on Umwuga and anywhere else you use a CV.

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directly to negotiate rates, work hours, rules, and so on.

We also help you

Build your career

so you never have to start from scratch again.

Meet great people

who have similar goals and experiences to you.

Learn from experts

in your field. Get advice, learn new skills, and discover new opportunities.

Find a tribe

of people who will help you reach your goals. Find partners, start a business, get referrals, and much more.

We believe you deserve to be paid fairly for your work and to have your value recognised in the workplace

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find jobs in a few easy steps:

  1. Jobs. Umwuga has an entire section dedicated to jobs that have been posted by employers in the network. Click Jobs in the navigation bar to view and apply for jobs by industry and location.
  2. Search. Simply type what job you are looking for into the search bar and press enter. For example, type “nail technician” and all the jobs currently available for nail technicians in your city will appear in the results.
  3. Profile. Your Umwuga profile is like a CV. Employers are always searching for talented people to hire. If you build a comprehensive profile that describes your work, skills, and reputation, you will stand a good chance of being discovered by an employer.

Umwuga is a social network that for artisans, tradespeople, service industry workers, and the people who employ them.

We help you build a great reputation for your work, and use it to connect you with people, jobs, and communities that can improve your career.

Watch this video for a demo on exactly how Umwuga works.

There is no need to submit a CV or resume. Your Umwuga profile represents the jobs you do, the skills you have, and your reputation at work.

You can easily add extra information to your profile such as your work history, qualifications, and awards. Your profile is also the perfect place to keep your references.

Watch this video to see how to make a great profile.

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