Frequently Asked Questions

You can find jobs in a few easy steps:

  1. Jobs. Umwuga has an entire section dedicated to jobs that have been posted by employers in the network. Click Jobs in the navigation bar to view and apply for jobs by industry and location.
  2. Search. Simply type what job you are looking for into the search bar and press enter. For example, type “nail technician” and all the jobs currently available for nail technicians in your city will appear in the results.
  3. Profile. Your Umwuga profile is like a CV. Employers are always searching for talented people to hire. If you build a comprehensive profile that describes your work, skills, and reputation, you will stand a good chance of being discovered by an employer.

There is no need to submit a CV or resume. Your Umwuga profile represents the jobs you do, the skills you have, and your reputation at work.

You can easily add extra information to your profile such as your work history, qualifications, and awards. Your profile is also the perfect place to keep your references.

Watch this video to see how to make a great profile.

When you visit, you will find a “Log In” button in the upper right-hand corner. You can also visit

The About Me section is an excellent place to introduce yourself and leave a brief note. You can film or upload a video introduction if you really want to stand out.


Click here to learn more about this.

The Experience section allows you to easily document your professional background in terms of:

  1. Work – jobs and companies you have worked for;
  2. Qualifications – certifications or academic degrees you hold;
  3. Awards – prizes, trophies, or honours you have received for your work; and
  4. Languages – as many as you can speak along with your fluency

You can also upload your CV/Resume in this section. Read this blog post for more information.

Having reviews and recommendations is very important to having a strong profile. You can make a request by logging in and then clicking “Reviews” on the left side of the page. After you click “Reviews”, you can ask for a review by choosing a contact to request a review from, and you can request a recommendation at the same time. This will be showcased in your profile.

Log in to your account, click “profile” on the left side of the page, and you can see each section has a toggle to hide from public. Simply press the toggle if you wish to hide that section, and press the toggle again if you want to make it visible.

After you log in, click your profile icon on the upper righthand corner of the screen. Click “settings”, then “notifications” and you can choose which notifications you want to receive.

You can search for a line of work and scroll through the profiles of candidates. You can then connect with them and message them to set up an interview to discuss the job you are looking to hire for.

Umwuga is a social network that for artisans, tradespeople, service industry workers, and the people who employ them.

We help you build a great reputation for your work, and use it to connect you with people, jobs, and communities that can improve your career.

Watch this video for a demo on exactly how Umwuga works.

That’s easy, click here. Or you can visit

Log In to your account, then click “Profile” in the navigation bar. For each section of your profile, you will see a blue pencil icon in the right-hand corner. Click on the pencil icon to update that section.

The Reputation section allows you to share more about who you are as person. Begin by describing your personality in the workplace. If you’re a “detail-oriented” person, make a note of this. If you want employers to know that you are “trainable”, then add this to your reputation. Read this blog post for more information.

Umwuga is a great place to build your network. You can search for people to add to your network, and then you can message them.

The Portfolio section is ideal for showcasing your work. You can add projects for any type of work you do and include images, videos, audio, text, documents, and links. Read this blog post for more information.

To give yourself the best chance of getting the job, make sure you have a strong profile. Watch this video to see how to make a great profile.  You should also make sure you have plenty of positive reviews and recommendations. Read this to see how.

Simply send a message to Team Umwuga, which is automatically in your network after you sign up. Alternatively, send an email to

We are still growing, but we already have an ecosystem of cleaners, gardeners, and hairstylists. We are constantly expanding every day to include new lines of work, so be sure to keep an eye out for potential workers to get a job done.