Get more work through word of mouth

We use your entire network to find you great opportunities.
When someone reviews your work, we make it easy for their friends and colleagues to find and hire you.

Showcase your talents

in just a few minutes by answering three simple questions:

What work do you do?

We know you have many talents so
list them ALL!

What skills do you have?

Tell us what you are good at doing
and we will tell the world.

How do people describe you?

WHO you are is way more important than
where you went to school.

Build your trust network

It’s not what you know but who you know…

Connect with clients and employers.

Be close by when they have work for you.

Meet people you can learn from.

Share ideas and help one another.

One place for all your reviews.

Keep using your favourite job sources and build all your performance reviews here.

Make more money!

Get more work. Pay no fees.

Use your profile as a CV.

Share it, text it, link it. With anyone, on 
any platform.

Be your own boss.

How you choose to work is up to
you. Pay in cash? Need time off?
Agree your own terms with

Keep your money.

We don’t charge for any of this. You
did the work, you deserve the pay.

Join the community that helps you turn your skills into a career

Umwuga is a community for people who:
  1. want to be known for the quality of their work
  2. need an easy way to hire people they can trust
  3. do not believe in paying fees to a middle-man
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