Better referrals than asking friends

With just a search, we find you people with the capabilities and skills that you need, who have been vetted by people you know and trust.

Hire the right person

Easily find great candidates for your job by searching for:


Need someone who cleans well? That’s easy.


Need someone who can clean oriental rugs the right way? We know a guy.


Need someone you can trust? We can show you which candidates your friends liked.

Save time and money

Time is money… double the saving

Recommendations in a snap!

One search delivers recommendations
from ALL your contacts. Immediately!

Stay connected to your favourites

The next time you need that awesome
nanny, you’ll know where to find her.

No charge!

We don’t charge any fees or commissions.
The worker keeps 100% of what you pay.

Do it your way

You’re the boss, not us.

Make sure you’re comfortable.

Get to know one another before
making the hire. Have a chat, meet
for coffee, it’s all up to you.

Set your own terms.

Your job, your rules. Agree on dates,
tasks, and prices that suit you and
the worker.

Review their work.

Great job, great review. Bad job, you
get the idea..!

Join the community that helps you find the talent you need

Umwuga is a place for people who:

  1. want to be known for the quality of their work
  2. need an easy way to hire people they can trust
  3. do not believe in paying fees to a middle-man
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