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How it works

The best hires come from trusted referrals

Using Umwuga is like asking everyone you know for a trusted recommendation and receiving the results at the speed of a click.

We believe that hiring people online should be as comforting as asking a friend or neighbour for a recommendation

We help you

Hire someone great in three easy steps

Find the ideal candidate

who has the necessary skills, the personality to fit in, and the seal of approval from people you trust.


Post a job

in our community and wait for applications to come in.

Speak with them

to ensure they're the right fit for the iob. Have a chat, or a call, perhaps meet up in person; it's all up to you.

Agree on terms

directly with the worker. Rates, work hours, rules, etc. are all open to discussion.

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You can search for a line of work and scroll through the profiles of candidates. You can then connect with them and message them to set up an interview to discuss the job you are looking to hire for.

We are still growing, but we already have an ecosystem of cleaners, gardeners, and hairstylists. We are constantly expanding every day to include new lines of work, so be sure to keep an eye out for potential workers to get a job done.

Simply send a message to Team Umwuga, which is automatically in your network after you sign up. Alternatively, send an email to

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"I love that, on Umwuga, I can find a dn hire reputable service providers without the hassle of dealing with costly middlemen!"
Kumeshan Naidu
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