What to Expect When Working with Animals

What to expect when working with animals

For many people, working with animals has been a long-held ambition. Such jobs can bring enormous satisfaction, as well as interest, knowledge and even health benefits. Working with animals offers a broad range of opportunities, from becoming a vet to setting up your own dog walking business.

People will always need professionals whom they can trust to care for their beloved pets and working animals in different ways. According to animal charity PDSA, around 51% of all UK adults own a pet, with dogs, cats and rabbits amongst the most popular. 

Here are some areas to consider if you are keen on finding work with animals.

How to be great at working with animals

If you want to build up a profile on Umwuga to help you with finding work with animals, it is essential to highlight the character traits, skills and qualifications that will help push your application forward. Desirable character traits and skills include:

  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Energy
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Patience
  • Calm nature
  • Good work ethic
  • Reliability
  • People skills
  • Decision-making
  • Manual dexterity

Add to that any qualifications that you may have in animal care, veterinary sciences, animal first aid, grooming or training and you can create a compelling case to be employed in a job working with animals.

What kinds of jobs are available for people looking to work with animals?

The good news is that there are many different ways in which you can enjoy working with animals. You don’t have to have trained as a vet either. Take a look at the following suggestions to see if any of them spark an interest. If so, set up a profile on Umwuga and get searching to see if there are any opportunities that fit the bill.

Dog walking

Dog walking is a highly sought-after service, especially following the increase in dog ownership during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. Now the world has largely opened up once again, people are returning to work and need help keeping their dogs walked and exercised. Being able to offer a trusted, reliable service that provides dogs with exercise, fresh air and company can offer a real lifeline to many busy people. Once you have built up a few regular clients, ask for some written testimonials to add to your profile.

Woman walking dogs on leashes in the countryside

Pet sitting

Another sign of pre-Covid behaviour reverting back is the return of holidays and weekends away for many people. Again, the issue of how to ensure a beloved pet’s needs are met while you are away must be addressed. Pet sitters can prove a reliable, effective answer. They will attend to your pet’s requirements for food, drink, exercise and company. They can also help with home security, giving the impression of the property being occupied and acting as an additional pair of eyes and ears to spot anything untoward. You don’t need qualifications to become a pet sitter, but suitable insurance is a good idea.

Woman sitting on couch looking after dog

Pet grooming

This is another area where animal lovers can gain huge satisfaction in helping to keep cats, dogs and other pets comfortable, healthy and looking at their best. You will need to go on appropriate training courses to become a pet groomer, but the benefits include being able to work your own hours and to choose where and how you work. Pet grooming work can range from cat and dog show work to therapeutic services and general care for people’s pets whenever they need a bit of pampering.

People grooming a guinea pig

Dog training

This is a fascinating area to work in, and another which would appeal to people with an interest in dogs’ wellbeing and long-term health. From puppies requiring basic training to animal behavioural specialisms, dog training covers a wide area. You will need to train and build up experience, but your services will be in demand once you have established yourself as a go-to expert. Again, you can work from your own premises or offer a mobile service, visiting clients in their homes.

Woman training dog on sports field

Stable hand

Stables are busy places that always need extra help. Advertising your skills as a stable hand or groom could result in plenty of interest and a rewarding, physically satisfying job. Tasks include caring for the horses and their kit, maintaining the stable sand even helping with any teaching or training that happens on site. Stable work is also an excellent way into moving on to more specialist equine work later on.

Man holding horses face

Farm work

Finally, working with animals is by no means limited to dealing with horses or smaller pets. Modern—day farms work to extremely demanding schedules with heavy workloads and tight financial margins. They also offer a hugely rewarding experience and lots of hands-on experience with animals. This can include helping with lambing, liaising with visiting vets and other specialists, managing feeding and cleaning tasks, working with dairy cattle and more. Do some research into the farms near where you live, the work they and what they need help with. Then, set up your Umwuga profile to offer assistance with these exact tasks. You will find that your services are quickly in demand.

Farmer feeding lambs with milk

In conclusion

Working with animals is an exciting, rewarding career. It’s also a job that has both unique challenges and opportunities. If you are looking to work within this field, there are many different types of jobs available for people who love working with animals. Whether it be dog walking or pet grooming, these positions can offer great pay and flexible hours too!

Umwuga is an online platform that connects animal lovers and professionals who work in the field of animal care. We help people build their reputation by offering reviews and ratings to employers as well as provide access to new jobs through our global network. Join us today and find out what we can do for your future.

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