A ‘Handy’ Guide to The Latest Trends in Handyman Jobs in The UK

Handyman jobs are still in high demand throughout the United Kingdom. The pandemic saw more of us staying home, instead of having foreign holidays or trips away. Spending more time at home brought those annoying DIY jobs into sharper focus. Over the last few months, handyman jobs trends show that this has been good news for those hired to fix them.

So,what does the future hold for the UK’s handymen? Here is a run-down of some of the main areas of interest to anyone who wants to begin finding handyman jobs, or looking for more clients.


Which handyman jobs are in high demand right now?

According to the handyman jobs trends statistics compiled by Umwuga, the social networking platform for skilled workers, the main skill that people have been looking for in handymen is maintenance, general DIY and repair work to make their properties look spick and span.

Other highly sought-after skills have included carpentry and plumbing along with basic housekeeping tasks and painting. Handymen who advertise their skills on Umwuga have also been keen to showcase their adherence to health and safety protocol, PPE compliance, driving skills and their completion of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

Where is the most money to be made as a handyman?

Handyman jobs and projects advertised on Umwuga have ranged in proposed payment levels, with just under 3,000 vacancies listed at more than £30,000 in June 2021. Geographically, Surrey, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Greater Manchester have produced the highest paying opportunities.

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Middle level locations include Oxfordshire, East Sussex and Berkshire, while Dudley is listed as one of the lowest paid areas for finding work as a handyman. In Surrey, the average salary just crosses the £40,000 mark. The average cost of living in other areas is in the low £30,000s or high £20,000s.

To sum up, there are a few more statistics to consider.

As previously stated, handyman jobs are still in high demand, with Umwuga finding that 23% of handymen and DIY specialists who have signed up for their site say they are not currently looking for new work due to a backlog of projects. This is almost certainly due to the pandemic disrupting in business operations. In light of the pandemic, 18% of those polled in the United Kingdom said they are now considering a career in the trade sector because of the opportunities available to skilled workers.

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Those who are currently working as handymen have told Umwuga that the future looks promising. Following the pandemic, 15% of businesses have seen an increase in client demand. On a regular basis, 17% work more than ten hours per day. Certified courses and training make it simple to learn handyman skills. Then, once you’ve completed your training, Umwuga is ready to assist you in spreading the word and attracting new clients.

Advice on how to find work as a handyman

Spend some time on Umwuga to create a compelling profile. List all your skills and experience, including any qualifications, training courses or certifications. Consider the findings of the handyman jobs trends described above. when deciding which order to put these in.

Ask clients for recommendations. Third-party endorsements can be incredibly powerful when it comes to marketing your earlier experience. Try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to the type of handyman jobs you are prepared to do and how far you can travel etc. Remember to fill out your profile to make it stand out from the crowd.

Welcome to Umwuga!

Umwuga is the newest social networking platform for people looking to connect with like-minded people and find skilled work.You join an online community of skilled workers, ranging from handymen and DIY experts to housekeepers, gardeners, hairdressers, and tutors when you sign up. You can make you own profile and share it on various social media platforms.

Add relevant work experience and testimonials to strengthen your offer. You can also talk to others to get advice, share your knowledge, and keep yourself motivated in search for handyman work. Best of all, connecting on Umwuga is free of charge, with no fees or commission to pay. You can also stay up to date on important industry news, such as handyman work trends and statistics.

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