14 Side Jobs to Help You Make Extra Income

With the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been a year like no other and people across multiple different industries have either lost their jobs or seen their pay dramatically cut. Gardeners, waiters, cooks, nannies and more have all been affected.

The job market is also now very crowded with hundreds if not thousands of applicants chasing the same job openings. If you’d like to learn how to win this race, read our post on How To Find A Job During The Pandemic. However, opting to go for a side job to help you make some extra income could be very helpful.

So, let’s take a closer look at some side jobs, anyone, from a handyperson to a hairdresser could try to make some extra money.

Virtual Assistant 

If the COVID-19 pandemic proved anything it was that many businesses could work virtually without being in the office. So, virtual assistants could be a good side job especially for people who have worked in an office before. But even if you are a painter, bartender, or kitchen helper (to name just a few possibilities) you can easily get to grips with the role of a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants do all kinds of tasks from data entry, to booking meetings, online support, and much more. The more you are familiar with office work the more you’ll be able to help.

Now becoming a virtual assistant can be approached in several ways but joining a freelance website or using social media to increase awareness of your services is probably your best choice.

Customer Support

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Many customer-support roles are needed at off hours, which can make it a great side job if you already have a day job. These jobs ask you to answer phone calls or messages from customers who need help with products or services. Most employers do a good job of training you up for the role and, in many cases, you can do the job from home.

Personal Shopper 

Believe it or not, the need for personal shoppers is growing at the moment. This is a good side job that can help you stay active just make sure you take all essential safety precautions. Personal shoppers can carry out a variety of tasks but the main one is to help people buy the things they need.

You will usually be asked advice on what to buy or to help in some manner during the usual retail process. A personal shopper can help online or other the phone with advice, but it is usually an in-person role. They are many ways to become a personal shopper from job openings in your local shops/ malls to utilising an online service like Thumbtack.

Driving Instructor 

Becoming an official driving instructor right now is going to be quite difficult. However, it is legal in many countries to teach people to drive if you have been a driver for over 3 years and have insurance. If you are missing your daily drive to work, then offering your services as a driving instructor could be very beneficial.

Driving instructors can promote their services in several ways but local social media pages are a good start. But even posters and flyers can be very useful for attracting customers. Just make sure you meet your countries legal requirements and follow proper safety precautions.

Store Work

Many stores have their peak shopping hours over the weekend, and, to cope, they bring in more sales and support staff. You may spend long hours on your feet, but you can gain valuable sales and customer service skills from the experience.


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If you’re handy around the house, there are many opportunities to help people who can’t tell their scissors from their screwdrivers. Most working families would prefer to have home repairs done at the weekend, during their off hours. From cleaning and moving to deliveries and home improvements, the needs are nearly endless. 

Online Tutoring 

Online tutoring can be a very lucrative side job and it’s something that caters to many different skillsets. So, people who have worked as builders, hairdressers, cleaners, and much more can offer their skills online. To get started think about what you can offer to tutor.

Are you particularly skilled in subjects like maths or science? Do you speak a foreign language? Can you do coding? There are also many different websites that you can offer your tutoring services on for example VerbalPlant is an online language tutoring website while My Tutor is more general.

User Testing

Web developers who are looking to fine-tune their apps or websites will sometimes hire people to play with the service and report any issues. To do this work, you’d typically record yourself using the app and talking your way through it.

This is a great job to do form home and an easy and helpful way to make some weekend money. A few good sites for these jobs are UserTesting and Userlytics.

Golf Caddy 

Golf caddy

Despite what Hollywood shows us on TV, most golfers pack the courses over weekends and not during office hours. This opens an excellent opportunity for part-time caddies.

It helps to have a good grasp of golfing equipment and how to approach various holes. Prepare to be on your feet for long hours and easily hit your 10,000 steps.

Delivery Drivers 

While many industries have been cutting jobs due to COVID-19 some have had to increase numbers to meet demand. There has been a growing demand for delivery drivers in many countries especially for apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Being a delivery driver for apps such as these does have many benefits. The application process is usually much quicker on average and you can pick hours that suit you and work to your schedule. The job is also quite simple all you will need is a valid licence, a suitable vehicle, and insurance and you are good to go.

Rideshare Driver 

If you have a car and a smartphone, you can pick up a steady side income as a ride-share driver. Evenings and weekends are the busiest times as people look for rides to entertainment and shopping venues like restaurants, bars, theatres, and malls.

Work hours are entirely flexible. Turn your vehicle into a private car service by driving people wherever they need to go.

Sell Crafts Online 

Woman making craft pots

If you have a passion for crafting or have an array of antiques, why not sell your work online? Marketplaces like Etsy give you access to customers worldwide and provide powerful marketing tools to help you grow your following and online income. 

If you’re looking to keep things manageable, consider making custom products, like one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces, which you can create and ship from your home on your schedule.

Dog walking

Dog walking doesn’t even feel like a side job for dog lovers which might make it our favourite side job on this list. This job is great as you’ll be providing a very helpful service to someone and getting some light exercise along the way. Think of this as an after-hours gig that helps you unwind from the first part of your workday.

Man walking dogs

Online Surveys 

For the final job on our list, we have something a little more unusual. While you could argue that filling out online surveys isn’t really a job there are businesses out there that will pay you to do so and if you are getting paid it’s a job.

This is a great side job because you don’t need any particular skills to do it. All you need is a device to access the internet and the patience to fill out the surveys. Whether you are a builder, cleaner, or gardener anyone can do this job.

You won’t generate a lot of money with this job, but it could certainly help you earn a little extra during these difficult times. There are many websites that can help you get setup including Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and Inbox Dollars to name just a few.  

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