We are proud the fact that Umwuga is free to all members, but we understand that this may make you question how we pay our bills… 

Why did we start Umwuga?

We saw an opportunity to change the way workers in trades and services industries are discovered, empowered, and treated in the employment ecosystem. We believe that our world will be a better place if the hardworking people who comprise our labour force have equal access to economic opportunities as white-collar workers. 

What do we really care about?

Above all, what we really care about changing is the power imbalance that workers encounter while seeking to find a job or advance in their careers. 

What does that mean?

Not enough is being done to care about the work lives of cleaners, gardeners, hairstylists, etc. Because employers pay wages while agencies, jobs websites, and brokers make money by charging fees and commissions, the entire employment industry is designed to keep employers happy. 

When developing the business model for Umwuga, we asked ourselves “what would a worker-first strategy look like”. This exercise helped us make critical decisions such as: 

  1. We will never charge any fees or commissions on recruiting so that workers can take home 100% of the money they make on the job.  
  2. We will empower workers to negotiate their employment terms, allowing them to focus on jobs that treat them fairly; and 
  3. We will shine a spotlight on our members’ character and talents, helping to shift the focus away from what school or company you are or are not affiliated with. 

Our mission is to help industrious workers transform their informal trading into sustainable careers, thereby reducing their vulnerability to unfair hiring practices and the need to rely on agents who take a share of their pay.

What is our business model?

The cornerstone of our ‘worker-first’ business approach is, of course, to maximise worker benefits. It is important to note that we are still in the pre-revenue stage while we focus on building the most lively and helpful community of hardworking people in the world.

We plan to make money through a freemium business model which means that the Umwuga experience you have access to today will stay free forever. We will be releasing exciting new premium features in the coming months that will make more aspects of your work life easier; whether it’s helping you start your own business as an independent contractor or helping you find a great last-minute replacement when someone calls in sick on a job.

When we introduce these and other exciting new features, you’ll be the first to know about them and have the opportunity to test them out. Our promise to you is that we will never charge you for a feature that we previously provided for free. 

With all of this in mind, we’d love to hear from you about what new products or services you’d want to see us offer. Please send us an email on hello@umwuga.com or message Team Umwuga in the app.

What makes Umwuga worth using over our competitors?

What makes our product different is we care more about the needs of workers in trades and services industries than anyone else. That means: 

  1. helping workers develop a reputation that builds and can be used throughout their career. 
  2. providing them with access to the best job opportunities through the power of networks and word of mouth; and 
  3. not charging any commissions or fees which would take away from what is theirs to keep in order to get ahead.

The most significant challenge we help our customers with is establishing credibility for their professional worth while connecting them with the right people and work opportunities. 

In conclusion

Improving the work lives of our member will always be our top priority as we continue to grow this business. Our team at Umwuga has enough experience to recognise that in order to carry out that mission, we must grow sustainably and profitably. We will continue to invest in improving the Umwuga experience for you, hoping to make your work life a little easier each day.

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