How Does Umwuga Work?

Umwuga is a social community that connects people who are looking to find one another for work purposes. 

  • A cleaner could meet a tenant who needs help with keeping their apartment neat;
  • A homeowner might find a gardener who can work every Saturday morning;
  • A plumber can meet other industry professionals from whom they can learn new techniques; and
  • A hairstylist may meet a nursery school teacher to learn how they too can get a job teaching children.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to find, speak, and work with people who can help you with your career, or help you get a job done. 

How Can I Get Hired?

When people need to hire for a job, they search Umwuga for occupations such as “dog walker” or skills such as “cooking”. They next look through the profiles of the people that appear in the search results to determine which candidates they want to chat with about the job. This decision is typically based on the following factors:

  1. Whether you have the ability to do the job;
  2. What your reputation says about you in the workplace; and
  3. How many positive reviews and recommendations you have for the specific line of work or skill they are hiring for, as well as for your reputation.

Your Umwuga Profile is designed to highlight all of this. To increase your chances of getting hired, make sure your profile is complete, accurately describes your best qualities, and has a lot of positive reviews from people you have worked with.

How Can I Improve My Profile?

We’ve made it really simple, first click on “Profile” in the menu bar.

Navigation Bar

Then, in each section that needs an update, click the “Edit” button.

Edit Line of

The About Me section is an excellent place to introduce yourself and leave a brief note. You can film or upload a video introduction if you really want to stand out.

The Portfolio section is ideal for showcasing your work. You can add projects for any type of work you do and include images, videos, audio, text, documents, and links.

The Line of Work section is probably the most important. It allows you to list EVERYTHING you do for work such as “Child Care”, “Cleaning”, and “Hairstyling”. Then for each line of work, you can include all of the specific skills you have, such as “Blowout”, “Braids”, and “Trim”. Your reviews for these skills contribute to your overall score for each line of work. As you may expect, having a high score across many reviews increases your chances of getting hired. 

The Reputation section allows you to share more about who you are as person. Begin by describing your personality in the workplace. If you’re a “detail-oriented” person, make a note of this. If you want employers to know that you are “trainable”, then add this to your reputation.

The Recommendations sections showcases all of the comments your reviewers have made about you. To collect more recommendations, be sure turn on [Request A Recommendation] as you request a review.


Finally, the Experience section allows you to easily document your professional background in terms of:

  1. Work – jobs and companies you have worked for;
  2. Qualifications – certifications or academic degrees you hold;
  3. Awards – prizes, trophies, or honours you have received for your work; and
  4. Languages – as many as you can speak along with your fluency

Next Steps

If this article has inspired you to get going with Umwuga, click the button below to get back to the network.

If you ever need any help, simply send a message to the Team Umwuga account and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Have a great day,

Team Umwuga

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