How to Find Gardening jobs: Tips and Strategies

If you are looking for a gardening jobs, but have not had any luck so far, this blog post is for you. With so many people interested in gardening, it may be tough to get started.

In this article, we provide helpful tips and strategies for those looking to find work as a gardener. Some of the topics discussed are: what kinds of gardening jobs are there, what is the process like for getting hired, what skills should I have before applying? 

Whether you’re just starting out or have been doing this professionally for years, there’s always something new to learn about being a successful gardener!

What does a gardener do? 

Gardeners plan, design, plant, and maintain gardens. A gardener’s job is to maintain the existing landscape design and surrounds, rather than to create or generate new things. Under his or her direction, a gardener is likely to handle the maintenance of the grounds. Not only does this include traditional mowing, but also:

  • being responsible for maintaining and enhancing outside spaces such as grass, shrubs, trees, and plants. 
  • maintaining the condition of your equipment and tools. 
  • mulching, aerating, weeding, pruning, and applying fertilisers and pesticides are all good ways to care for your plants. 
  • removing snow, garbage, trash, and other unpleasant items. 
  • using tools such as trucks, mowers, tractors, and chainsaws are used to mow grass, trim trees, and care for the soil. 

What are the benefits of working as a gardener?

Gardening jobs are fantastic way to get some extra cash. Because gardens require a lot of maintenance, there are always plenty jobs available. If you’re looking for more flexibility in your schedule or are jobless, being a gardener may be the ideal fit for you.

Gardener pressing soil into a pot plant 1

There are many benefits of gardening jobs. One of the main benefits is that you can do this job even if don’t have any earlier experience. Gardeners also have the flexibility of taking on full-time or part-time jobs. Another benefit is that equipment costs are low because most tools can be borrowed or leased from family and friends. 

Gardening jobs would be a great career for someone looking for both a physical and mental challenge. They can provide you with the opportunity to work outdoors in the sun, while developing strength and endurance.

What are the different types of gardening jobs?

The gardening industry offers many different jobs. Below are some of the most popular and interesting roles.


An arborist is a professional who maintains trees on specified sites, regardless of whether they are found on private or public land. They handle planting, pruning and removing trees so that they don’t pose a risk to roads or electric lines. While a formal degree is not needed, experience in landscaping, horticulture or arboriculture can help you stand out.

gardening jobs - instrument used for gardening


Botanists can be described as doctors, researchers, and protectors all rolled into one. They study the interactions of plants and the environment and are particularly interested in conservation of species.

A bachelor’s degree is needed in botany and general biology. However, senior positions often require added education such as a masters or PhD.

Facilities Manager

Facilities managers can oversee campuses, parks, and housing complexes as well as buildings. This job requires a working knowledge of a wide range of equipment, such as large mowing machines or specialised water pumps for playgrounds.

While some professions only require a high school diploma, others might require a bachelor’s in engineering or a related field. You may need a license and experience depending on what job you do. 

Garden centre employee

Relevant jobs at garden centres include helping customers, working with plants, and managing the business. If a customer asks for help, a gardener at the entry level should be able name each species in the shop. To keep the shop looking great, they should also be able to clean it throughout the day.

gardening jobs - girls reading book sitting around the garden

Additional responsibilities include weed-eating outside at lunch and during breaks. They may also be required to prune flowerbeds and take on other similar gardening task around the premises.


Although they may manage large landscapes and parks, horticulturists are more concerned with the care of trees and plants than grass. Horticuluralists need to have excellent people management skills and a good knowledge of plants and gardening. According to Ornamental Horticulture Skills Survey 2019, 1101 business sectors are active in the horticulture industry and the sector is growing more with more gardening jobs opportunities.

It is important to have a keen eye for design as you will be placing plants in the right places and deciding which plants are best paired together. Many refer to this profession as “the gardener’s dream”.

Landscape designer

Landscape architects design gardens and lawns that meet the client’s needs while keeping within their budget. This job can be physically demanding at times so you will need to have a lot of endurance. Landscape designers can find work anywhere from private residences to golf courses and hotels; they’re responsible for designing the garden layout on-site based on what will both look aesthetically pleasing and meet practical needs (such as providing enough protection from wind).


Groundskeepers and grass management specialists look after the turf at sports complexes, golf courses, stadiums, and other venues. This skill is in great demand since they can fulfil landscaping contracts and maintain attractive lawns like those seen on commercial buildings and college campuses.

gardening jobs

What qualifications do I need to work as a gardener? 

A number of skills are required for gardening job. For starters, gardeners must be able to cultivate, maintain, and harvest plants in green spaces such as yards or parks.

Gardeners are also responsible for keeping green spaces looking attractive all year by planting different types of flowers and fruits at different periods of the year. Other gardening skill include the use of tools like shovels, rakes, pickaxes, pruning shears, and so on, while others may need more muscular tasks like troweling holes or watering plants on a regular basis. 

gardening jobs - cleaning garden

A comprehensive knowledge of soil is also necessary since it may help a gardener figure out if certain plants will grow well in a certain soil type, as well as how much organic matter has been added to the soil and when fertiliser should be administered. 

Aside from soil care, gardeners should be familiar with the many insects that may damage plants. They must know where to search for them and how to find their life cycle in order to prevent future harm from pesticides or herbicides. 

Finally, gardener need to wear appropriate clothing while working since it involves more physical activities. You may need protective gear such as gloves, boots, and other things, depending on the kind of job you are currently performing. 

How can I get a job as a gardener?

The first step in becoming a gardener is to choose the type of gardening you want. Are you passionate about organic farming, lawn care, or flowerbed upkeep? You might be interested in all three! Each horticultural specialty has many jobs available, but you should make sure that your decision is based on your skills and interests rather than the current job market.

After you have chosen a job type, find out who is hiring in your sector. Start by searching online for gardening jobs and refine your search keywords. If you are interested in working at an organic farm, try searching for “organic agriculture + gardener” or “organic farmer”. If you are interested in flower bed maintenance, try searching for “landscape designer + gardener”. 

Or, better yet, look for horticulture-specific groups on Umwuga, Facebook pages of local nurseries and greenhouses, community centre postings/bulletins/websites… the list goes on. You might find valuable resources and communities that can help you get employment as a gardener.

Now that you’ve found some interesting options, it’s time to showcase yourself and your work. You can do this by creating a portfolio of your best work along with references and testimonials form happy customers you have worked with in the past. Make sure you have all of the necessary skills required by employers in order to be an attractive candidate. Although specialised horticulture training is generally helpful, it is not needed if you already have some expertise (many gardeners and landscapers would be pleased with even a year of hands-on work). 

Don’t ignore soft skills when preparing your online profile; communication skills may help set you apart from other job applicants. Find out how much workers are usually paid for this type of work to prepare yourself for discussions with employers.

In conclusion

It’s not always easy to find work these days, but if you are looking for a career in the garden or landscape industry that is rewarding and flexible then gardening may be right up your alley. There are many different types of jobs available in this field, from working as an arborist or botanist to being employed by a garden centre or managing facility grounds. 

Umwuga is the best place to find and secure gardening jobs. Our talented member community can help you find your perfect job in this industry, whether that’s an arborist or a horticulturist. Whether it be grass management, landscape designing, facility maintenance- we do it all. Sign up for free today so we can start finding your dream position as soon as possible!

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