The Best Products To Use For Window Cleaning

When it comes to window cleaning products, your choices may seem unlimited. However, there are certain products that we always recommend cleaners keep in their cleaning kit. Today we’re going to highlight the best products on the market that any domestic cleaner should use for window cleaning this year.

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths are an excellent option for cleaning windows. They are absorbent cloths that you can wash and reuse after each cleaning session. Microfibre cloths will leave your windows looking shiny, clear of dirt, and streak-free.

Microfibre Cloths

Most cleaners will use these alongside a cleaning solution. Due to their soft texture, you won’t risk causing any damage to your windows when using microfibre cloths. Some microfibre cloths are now made from textured materials, which makes it easier to remove spots and dirt from windows.


Squeegees are the tool of choice for most professional window cleaners. They do take a little bit of getting used to during your first use, but after that, you’ll find them to be an excellent window cleaning tool. They have a flat rubber edge, which is ideal for scraping any dirt or grime from your windows.

window cleaning products

You’ll find that squeegees remove additional liquid from your windows in no time at all and are much quicker to use than towels. Many individuals opt to use these alongside microfibre cloths to achieve perfectly clean windows.

Glass Wipes

Glass wipes are an inexpensive window cleaning option that many cleaners like to keep in case of an emergency. You’ll pay very little for a large packet of glass wipes, and most products today offer smear free technology. They work to remove dirt and stains from your windows and effectively cut through grease.

window cleaning products

Glass wipes are now designed so that windows dry extremely quickly, meaning they are one of the most efficient window cleaning options. You’ll enjoy crystal clear windows when using glass wipes, and they are handy to have in your kit for emergencies.

Glass Cleaners

Using glass cleaner alongside a squeegee or microfibre cloth will help to keep windows clean and clear for longer. You’ll want to find a window cleaner that’s of a high quality and make sure you always follow the instructions carefully.

window cleaning

Ensure you don’t overdo it with glass cleaner, or you will risk streaky windows. Invisible Glass cleaner is a popular product, which quickly and easily cleans your windows. It doesn’t leave any streaks or residue and can be used on any household glass fittings, not just windows.

Products such as this one come in a trigger spray bottle, which makes it much easier to apply straight from the bottle. Spic & Span Cinch Glass Cleaner offers a similar experience and leaves windows looking shiny without streaks. It will easily lift dirt from glass without dulling the windows from the residue.


A combination of these window cleaning products listed above will help you to clean windows to perfection each and every time. When used correctly, these products can help you avoid streaky windows.

By equipping yourself with all four of these tools, you’ll find you are ready to tackle even the dirtiest windows in the future when needed.

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