Become a Self-Employed Handyman: How to Start Your Own Business

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If you are a plumber, electrician, painter, or builder and are looking for a way to break out on your own and start your own business as a handyman, this blog post is for you.

This guide will show you what it takes to be self-employed handyman. We’ll talk about how much money you can make, tips for hiring workers, and how many hours you need a week if you want to succeed at running your own business.

Being an independent contractor has many great benefits. You can be your own boss and have more free time than with a full-time job, and you can make money from doing something that you enjoy.

Tips on how to become a self-employed handyman. 

What handyman services should you offer? 

When deciding what to offer for services, think about what you are good at doing or would like to learn. If you are good at fixing things, then make that your business.

self-employed handyman - handyman at work

For a self-employed handyman, to figure out what services you should offer, start by thinking about all the things that you know how to do. Ask your friends and family what they need help with. Then, pick one or two skills from the list to offer. Your list might include:

  • painting, 
  • plumbing, 
  • electrician work, 
  • carpentry, and
  • flooring installation or repair.

The things that you do for a job will depend on what skills you have and how hard those things are to learn for someone else. We talk more about this in the next section.

Is there a market for your handyman services? 

Before you start your self-employed handyman business, it is important to know if there is a market for your services. If there are a lot of people in your area who do what you do, you might want to work on something else or, perhaps, specialise. If you are an electrician and there are three other electrical contractors nearby who offer wiring for hire, then maybe it is better to focus on installing solar panels or repairing AC units. 

If there is no person nearby who does handyman work, then you can become the go-to expert for that. 

How much money can you make as a handyman? 

The first step for self-employed handyman is figuring out how much you can charge per hour and how long each of your services will typically take to complete. If it takes on average three hours to assemble flat pack furniture and $75 is the average cost a customer is willing to pay, then that means you could sell your services for $25 per hour. At this rate, if you work for 40 hours each week, you would earn approximately $4,300 per month.

Flat pack furniture assembled

Do your research on how much money other people charge for similar services in your area.

Lastly, there are also equipment costs to consider. You might need to buy items like a van or truck. You will also need tools like an extension cord, saw, or drill. These numbers will be higher depending on what your need as a handyman. More on this in the next section.

What tools and equipment does a self-employed handyman need? 

As a self-employed tradesman, you will need to buy and provide your own tools. The tools you need depend on what job you do. You might need tall ladders, special clamps and wrenches for plumbing jobs, hammers for carpentry work, screwdrivers for electrical jobs or sockets and ratchets for plumbing work.

You will also need safety equipment to be safe on site. Wear gloves, goggles and masks so that you can use power tools without hurting yourself or others.

Worker wearing safety equipment

The cost of tools varies. Some are more expensive than others. When you buy a tool, make sure that it is a good one and will not break after just one use. Buying quality tools can help your work go easier and will save you money in the long run. 

Do any regulations apply to your business? 

It is not hard to start a handyman business. In general, you don’t have to have a license for handyman work. But if you will be doing something like electrical work or plumbing that deals with gas lines, then there might be regulations in your area that you would need to comply with.

If you are not sure about the risks of starting your own business, get some advice first. Speak with an attorney or someone who works in the trade before making any decisions.

If you register a company, you may need special insurance. This is to protect the company when someone gets hurt or something breaks. Public liability insurance protects against people who want to make big claims for injuries and damage from third parties. 

How to find the right customers 

The first step to think as a self-employed handyman is a target market. For example, you can choose people who have their own homes in Johannesburg. Or you could choose small businesses in London.

Once you’ve decided who your customers are, it is important to figure out where they are most likely to be found. For example, on social media platforms like Facebook or Umwuga. You can also search classified ads sites online. You can try to contact local businesses and event planners who may need a service provider.

You can use business directories and Yellow Pages listings to find customers. If you know any industry professionals, you can ask them if they need any help with work. For example, if you know an electrician (or plumber) who lives nearby, you could ask if there are any jobs they need help with; they might then hire you for future jobs. 

Consider hiring a crew 

No matter how much you charge for your work, there is a limit on how much you can do each week. You may need to hire other tradespeople to help. That way, you can focus on growing your business and not just the work that needs to be done this week.

self-employed handyman - handymen at work

Self-employed handyman also sometimes needs his workers. Having a crew means you can delegate tasks and specify what needs to be done for each job. When assigning jobs, make sure to keep in mind the quality of work that you are providing. For example, you might want to assign more difficult tasks to your more experienced teammates. 

Hiring people also gives you freedom to take care of other things. You can spend your time on marketing and administrative tasks while other people do the handy work. Only hire people you can trust. They will be using your tools or equipment without supervision. Make sure that each person has their own safety gear so there won’t be any mix-ups on the site. 

How to advertise your handyman services 

Now that you are all set up, it’s time to find some customers! It is a good idea to start locally. This could mean putting up flyers in nearby stores or even in local newspapers.

Online marketing is important for tradesmen. You can list yourself on a website and then people will find you. You can also do it with Umwuga which is a social network that you should be active on so people will know who you are.

In conclusion 

If you want to make more money as a self-employed handyman, then it might be time to start your own business! Think of how valuable your services will be the next time the next time one of your neighbours has an issue around the house.

This guide has given you all that you need to know about starting your own business as a self-employed handyman. Once you do, there are many ways that you can advertise your business without spending too much money on marketing. For example, one way is by using Umwuga (a free app) which connects service providers with people

We hope this article has been helpful. Now you know what to do. Start working towards your dream!

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