Who are we?

Hi, we’re Umwuga! We’re a worker-first social network designed to help you communicate what you do for work and just how good you are at doing it.
Our mission is to help hard-working people turn their talents into thriving careers and make employment easy, honest, and more organic.

What do we do?

For Workers

We help workers build and display their reputation and skills, so they stand out from the competition.
Trusted worker multitasking

For Employers

We also help employers find great workers to hire who have been vetted by people they know and trust.
Satisfied employer

How do we do it?

We focus on three main things:
we help you build a profile that highlights your capabilities, your skills, and your reputation.
we help you collect performance reviews that add trust to your profile - regardless of where you find your job opportunities.
we help you build a strong network with people who hire you and people who can help you with your career.

How are we different?

What do we mean by "worker-first"

No Commissions

Find work, network with employers, and get hired on your terms with zero commissions charged.


Filter your search results to only show people who have been reviewed by trusted contact in your network.

Capability & Character

We focus on what you're good at doing (skills) and how good you are (reputation) instead of job titles, degrees, or school names.


Since we don't charge commissions, we don't force you to find work, hire, or pay through Umwuga. You can keep using your favourite job sources while still building your brand on Umwuga.


We provide a single "CV" and "Report Card" that you own and can build and use wherever you prefer to find work.

Easy to Use

Our website is pared down and optimised for ease-of-use and low data consumption.
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